Our Impact

One hundred ideas to change the world

Harnessing grassroots creativity by collecting 100 of the most innovative and workable ideas to further the causes of peace, health, equality and justice. The Elders and young leaders will present these ideas to the world in July 2018, to honour the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth. Through public engagement and digital outreach, ideas will be gathered from a broad range of policymakers, civil-society organisations and grassroots groups. These should offer practical, system-oriented proposals that can be implemented worldwide.

These 100 ideas for a freer and fairer world should empower people, and reinforce the importance of the values Madiba strove for. As we continue his long walk to freedom, we will be inspired by the words with which he launched the Elders in 2007: “I believe that in the end it is kindness and generous accommodation that are the catalysts for real change”.

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